Meet The Makers: Daughter Handwovens


Being a maker has never seemed like much of a choice for me. Ever since I was a child I was making things; sometimes for the simple enjoyment of creating something I thought was beautiful and other times as a way to solve a problem.

It seems the term "Maker" is a just new title for a very old, and very general concept. I don't know anyone who is not a maker of something- be it dinner, doodles or sculptures. Makers have existed since the dawn of mankind. I believe that humans make because we were made in the image of God- the ultimate and original maker. He made something vast and complex and beautiful and we want to do the same (even if its small, simple or silly). We have been called artists, inventors, artisans and at their core, they are really all the same. Makers are the people who can't help but create the things they think up and can't help but share the things they create.

Watching the "Maker Movement" expand over the past several years has been exciting and liberating. I love seeing people embrace new and old ways of production- wether it is weaving, a process which has not changed much since the first fabric was made, or 3D printing, which is now a rapidly evolving and accessible means of what was once only doable by factories of machinery.

Either way, makers are the people we see meeting their own needs and the needs of their community efficiently and responsibly. It's a community. Makers today seem to be connected by this invisible network, passing information, tips, and business to each other. I love being a part of such a generous community where everyone wants to see everyone else succeed.

Being a maker is to be part of a long history of creatives. We are keeping ancient traditions alive and we are spearheading new techniques future generations will build upon. I can't imagine a world without us.