Get Creative!

Our Makers Stations allow attendees of all ages (and abilities!) to add a little homemade cheer to their holiday shopping. Be sure to pick up your station tickets at the door when you arrive.



Articulated PAPER DOLLS

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Bring whimsical animal and doll shapes to life.

Sponsored by: Kelly Turner - Endless Summer Realty


Beeswax food covers


Learn to make your own reusable beeswax food covers to help save your leftovers and cut down on single use plastic.

Sponsored by: Fit Mamas Tribe

hammered leaf tote.jpg

hammered leaf tote


Unlock the magic dye powers of hammering leaves onto canvas Makers Fest totes.

Sponsored by: Diane’s Natural Market



#stafla Button Making

Create your own special love for our little town using vintage maps, photos to add flair to a bag or your work apron. Also look through our vintage story books to find the right art to say EXACTLY what you mean on your button!

Sponsored by:
Jenna Alexander Studio

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Succulent Terrariums and dinos

A Makers Fest favorite! Create your own little world for your succulent in a glass or terra-cotta terrarium. Or go wild and deck out a dinosaur. This is always a popular station so make sure to hit this station early!

Sponsored by: Leonardi’s Nursery



Pine cone bird feeder

Allergy friendly craft using suet instead of the traditional peanut butter, this will keep your backyard birds extra happy this winter with an extra dose of protein.

Sponsored by: Herbie Wiles Insurance

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orange pomanders

This vintage winter craft will bring the smell of Florida into your home. The clove and orange oil slowly release a traditional potpourri into your closet or other areas that need brightening.

Sponsored by: Eclipse Recording Company

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Fairy Lights.jpg

Fairy lights

Tiny LED lights strung through individually painted flowers bring a touch of fairy magic.

Sponsored by: Motley Electric

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Silk flowers

Create a beautiful adornment that can be added to a pillow, hat or anything at home that needs a little brightening.

Sponsored by: Smooth Image



Pine cone fire starters

Get prepared for those cool backyard fire pit nights with fire starters that will bring an extra festive green flame to your camp fire.

Sponsored by: Motley Electric

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Smitten mittens

Have someone you love to hold hands with this winter? If so, this is an extra cozy craft that would be a great gift to your main squeeze.

Sponsored by: Fish Tank Recordings

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Butterfly garland

Create your favorite butterfly species garland or string LED light illuminated display.

Sponsored by: Robert Black Furniture Restoration



free form sculpture


Let your inner creativity flow into unique sculpture using wire armatures and fabric.


Stone dominoes

A unique way to bring a little earth into your family game.

Sponsored by: Leonardi’s Nursery



Feather quills

Make all of your lists and letters with your own feather quill. Learn how to attach a metal nib for fine letter writing or use the feather point for a more bold look.

Sponsored by: Ameriprise



lavender owl sachés


Brighten up any drawer with these owlet cuties or soothe tired eyes after a long day.

In memory of Susan, a beloved crafter