Meet The Makers: For The Love Of Wood

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For me personally, to be a Maker means that I'm capable of creating something from simple items into something special! I've always found a way to use my creativity to fuel my passion for decor and uniqueness. Through the years my style has evolved, and I've used different mediums to showcase my ideas, but since I began woodworking almost two years ago, it seems that I've found the perfect way to fabricate unique pieces that I'm able to share with others. There's something very exhilarating in being able to make something yourself. And something very pleasing in knowing that my creations become part of someone else's home! In today's generation, in which there is a lack of creative skills as children, we find ourselves intrigued by this new "Maker's Movement", and an eagerness to learn how to become a maker... I am excited to be a Maker, and cannot wait to create my next piece!!!