Meet The Makers: Sheri Goldstein

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My name is Sheri Goldstein.  I grew up seeing my grandmothers crochet creations.  If fact, I still cherish my two baby afghans that she made!  This is where my interest in crochet started.  I can recall sitting together on her front porch swing, hook in hand, fumbling with a ball of yarn.  This was in my elementary school years.  Back then I was content only knowing one stitch.  I don't even think that I knew it was called the "single crochet".  With practice came pride.  My mother actually used a completed piece.  Regardless that it was only a doorknob cover.  It was a great feeling!  

As I got older, I gained control of the tension holding the yarn and it made a huge difference in my stitch.  Still only manipulating that one stitch, my pieces became more esthetically pleasing.  The lines were straighter and there were no gaps or puckering.  My creations transformed from knob covers to friendship bracelets and placemats.

Over the years, I put down and picked up my crocheting hooks many times and each time it seemed easier.  Learning new stitches made complete sense to me and I could understand patterns better.   However, it wasn't until my adult years that I could even begin to compare myself to my Granny.  I love this craft!  The love the beauty in it.  Seeing the work of others amazes me!  It encourages me to push my boundaries, to learn more elaborate stitches and tackle more difficult patterns.

I enjoy making hats, scarfs, ponchos, blankets and more.  I love sharing my creations with friends, family and sometimes a complete stranger.  I'll give a mom-to-be a handmade baby blanket, a Minion or owl hat to a little boy and girl, simple little butterflies to my son's class or an afghan made in school colors to a young adult going off to college.   All of my creations can be a wonderful gift!

I am looking forward to participating in the Makers Fest and meeting other local crafters.  See you in December!